Master Google & YouTube Ads to Generate High Quality Leads & 5X Returns for Your Business without Hiring Agencies

Discover proven strategies & optimization techniques to achieve outstanding results, even if you’re a beginner with no experience.

Who is this Program for?

Digital Marketers

Sharpen your skills, stay ahead, and optimize campaigns with advanced Google Ads techniques.

Business Owners

Drive targeted traffic, reach ideal customers, and skyrocket revenue with effective Google Ads strategies.

Social Media Marketers

Expand your skill set, unleash the power of PPC networks, and drive exceptional results with advanced Google Ads strategies.

Coaches & Consultants

Get more clients, build authority, & make substantial revenue for your coaching business through Google & YouTube ads.


Drive growth, establish brand authority, outshine competitors and maximize revenue with Google Ads.

Marketing Freelancers

Offer premium services, expand your portfolio, and increase earnings with exceptional Google Ads results.

Content Creators

Promote your digital product or service and unlock more income potential.

Anyone Who Wants to Master Google Ads

Gain practical knowledge, enhance your resume, and unlock exciting career opportunities with Google Ads expertise.

This Program is for You If

Program Overview

  • What is Google Ads and how does it work
  • The benefits and advantages of using Google Ads for your business
  • The different types and formats of Google Ads (search, display, video, pmax, discovery, shopping, app & local)
  • The structure and hierarchy of Google Ads account, campaigns, ad groups, and ads
  • How to create and access your Google Ads account
  • What are keywords and why are they important for your Google Ads campaigns
  • How to use the Google Keyword Planner tool to find and analyze keywords
  • How to choose the right keywords for your campaign goals and target audience
  • How to use keyword match types (broad, phrase, exact, negative) to control when your ads show up
  • How to use keyword tools and techniques to optimize your keyword list and performance
  • What are ad copies and why are they important for your Google Ads campaigns
  • How to write effective and persuasive ad copies that attract clicks and conversions
  • How to use the Google Ads best practices and guidelines for writing ad copies
  • How to use ad extension to enhance your ad copies and provide more information
  • What are the key metrics and indicators that measure your Google Ads campaign performance
  • How to use the Google Ads dashboard and reports to monitor and analyze your metrics
  • How to use the Google Ads bidding options (manual & automated) to set and adjust your bids
  • How to use the Google Ads budgeting options to control and allocate your spending
  • How to use the Google Ads optimization score and recommendations to improve your metrics, bids, and budget
  • What are audiences and why are they important for your Google Ads campaigns
  • How to use the Google Ads targeting options (location, language, device, time, etc.) to reach the right people at the right time
  • How to use the Google Ads audience network (affinity, in-market, custom intent, remarketing, etc.) to segment and target your potential customers based on their interests and behaviors
  • How to use the Google Ads audience manager tool to create and manage your audience lists
  • How to use the Google Ads audience insights tool to understand and optimize your audience performance
  • What are conversions and why are they important for your Google Ads campaigns
  • How to use the Google Ads conversion tracking tool to measure and track your conversions (leads, sales, sign-ups, etc.)
  • How to use the Google Ads attribution models to assign credit for your conversions across different touchpoints.
  • How to create and manage Search, Display, Pmax, DemandGen, Video & Smart ads using various formats and features
  • How to use display network, responsive ads, and banner ads to increase your brand awareness and reach
  • How to create and manage video ads using YouTube and other platforms
  • How to use video ad formats, creative elements, and targeting options to engage your audience and drive action
  • How to use advanced strategies and techniques such as remarketing, custom intent audiences, and more to boost your campaign performance.
  • Analyzing successful Google Ads case studies
  • Learning from industry best practices and success stories
  • Applying lessons from real-world campaigns to your own strategies
  • Developing a systematic approach to campaign optimization
  • Implementing ongoing testing and continuous improvement strategies
  • Troubleshooting common campaign issues and challenges
  • Developing a data-driven marketing strategy tailored to Google Ads objectives.
  • Crafting a media plan and ROI forecast to project campaign outcomes based on client budget allocation.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategies 
  • Optimize user experience, leverage behavioral psychology, and utilize CRO tools for higher conversion rates in Google Ads campaigns.
  • Preparing for Google Ads job interviews with confidence
  • Showcasing your expertise and experience to potential employers or clients.
  • Exploring freelancing opportunities and how to attract Google Ads clients as a freelancer.
  • Different strategies and techniques to get clients for google ads services.
    • Create, customize charts, tables, and dashboards, share, and collaborate with your team and clients using Google Data Studio.


What You Will Get

Get these additional bonuses FOR FREE 

Worth ₹1999

Google Ads Optimization Checklist

Worth ₹2999

Advance Google Ads Optimization Techniques to Get Maximum Results

Worth ₹4999

Media Planning & Problem Solving in Google Ads Campaign

Worth ₹4999

Bonus Sessions on Chat GPT Prompts

Worth ₹4999

Additional Templates & Resources

Know Your Mentor

I transform startups into high-profit ventures, consult brands for growth, and help them leverage the power of the internet to skyrocket profits and boost their bottom lines.


Through data-driven marketing strategies, I have empowered over 35 brands in industries such as Real Estate, EdTech, Data Solutions, and AI & ML to achieve an extraordinary X5 times ROI, resulting in remarkable business growth and substantial profit increases.


I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and empower marketers of all levels to take their brands to the next level with paid advertising strategies.

Mazhar Hussain

Digital Marketing Practitioner & Consultant

Mazhar Hussain

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Rs. 1999
  • One year acess to course content (Advance Optimization,CRO, Interview Q&A, Reporting, Freelancing Secrets not Included)
  • Access to Powerful Community


Rs. 2999
  • One year acess to course content (Reporting & Freelancing Secrets not Included) + Rs.20000 Worth Bonus
  • Access to Powerful Community
  • Access to 4 Weekly Live Calls

Ad Savvy

Rs. 4999
  • Access to All Modules + Rs.25000 Worth Bonus
  • Access to Powerful Community
  • Access to 8 Weekly Live Calls
  • Monthly Mentorship Calls
  • Lifetime Doubt Solving Support
  • Access to Future Course Content for FREE

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a completely Live Program. Our approach emphasizes active engagement and direct involvement from participants.

All the sessions would be conducted online on Zoom.

The coaching program would be weekly 5 sessions

Absolutely. It is completely Live Program where you will also get notes, reference material & assignments for your future reference.

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