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Master Google Ads from Beginner to Advanced to scale your business & career growth!

Learn the exact strategies & optimization techniques to achieve exceptional ROI & generate high-quality leads consistently by optimizing your budget with our intensive Google Ads Program.

Application Deadline

11th Sept 2023

Cohort Starts on

15th Sept 2023

Who is this Program for?

Digital Marketers

Sharpen your skills, stay ahead, and optimize campaigns with advanced Google Ads techniques.

Social Media Marketers

Expand your skill set, unleash the power of PPC networks, and drive exceptional results with advanced Google Ads strategies.

Business Owners

Drive targeted traffic, reach ideal customers, and skyrocket revenue with effective Google Ads strategies.


Supercharge brand visibility, establish authority, and outshine competitors with effective Google Ads Camapigns.

Marketing Freelancers

Offer premium services, expand your portfolio, and increase earnings with exceptional Google Ads results.

Anyone Who Wants to Master Google Ads

Gain practical knowledge, enhance your resume, and unlock exciting career opportunities with Google Ads expertise.

This Program is for You If

Program Overview

  • Understanding the basics of Google Ads
  • Differentiating between Search, Display, Video, Performance Max, Discovery, Shopping, and App campaigns
  • Navigating the Google Ads interface
  • Setting up a Google Ads account and campaign structure
  • Conducting keyword research to identify relevant keywords
  • Utilizing keyword tools and strategies to expand your keyword list
  • Choosing the right keywords for your ads
  • Negative keywords exclusion techniques
  • Understanding match types and their impact on ad performance.
  • Crafting effective ad headlines and descriptions
  • Incorporating unique selling propositions (USPs) into your ad copy
  • Writing compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) to improve click-through rates
  • A/B testing ad variations to optimize performance
  • Exploring different targeting options (geographic, demographic, behavior, etc.)
  • Leveraging audience segmentation for better ad personalization
  • Utilizing remarketing and audience lists for better campaign performance
  • Implementing conversion tracking to measure campaign success
  • Analyzing key performance metrics (CTR, CPC, ROAS, etc.)
  • Using Google Analytics to gain deeper insights into campaign performance
  • Interpreting data to make data-driven decisions and optimize campaigns.
  • Creating effective search ads and display ads that attract attention
  • Understanding the Google Display Network and its targeting options
  • Implementing video campaigns on YouTube and the Google Video Network
  • Implementing Performance Max & Discovery campaigns to increase converisons.
  • Advanced keyword research and targeting techniques
  • Implementing bid automation and machine learning strategies
  • Using ad extensions to enhance ad visibility and engagement
  • Exploring campaign experiments and advanced campaign settings
  • Developing a systematic approach to campaign optimization
  • Implementing ongoing testing and continuous improvement strategies
  • Troubleshooting common campaign issues and challenges
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategies 
  • Optimize user experience, leverage behavioral psychology, and utilize CRO tools for higher conversion rates in Google Ads campaigns.
  • Preparing for Google Ads job interviews with confidence
  • Showcasing your expertise and experience to potential employers or clients
  • Exploring freelancing opportunities and how to attract Google Ads clients as a freelancer

What You Will Get

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Worth ₹1999

Google Ads Optimization Checklist

Worth ₹2999

Advance Google Ads Optimization Techniques to Get Maximum Results

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Media Planning & Problem Solving in Google Ads Campaign

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Bonus Sessions on Chat GPT Prompts

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Additional Templates & Resources

Know Your Mentor

I transform startups into high-profit ventures, consult brands for growth, and help them leverage the power of the internet to skyrocket profits and boost their bottom lines.


Through data-driven marketing strategies, I have empowered over 35 brands in industries such as Real Estate, EdTech, Data Solutions, and AI & ML to achieve an extraordinary X5 times ROI, resulting in remarkable business growth and substantial profit increases.


I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and empower marketers of all levels to take their brands to the next level with paid advertising strategies.

Mazhar Hussain

Digital Marketing Practitioner & Consultant

Mazhar Hussain

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By the end of the program, you will be able to

Bonuses you get...

Why Us?

Limited Students

Since this is a Live mentorship program, I want you to receive my undivided attention and answer your personal queries. Thus, the batch size is limited.

Lifetime Mentorship

Benefit from continued mentorship even after the program ends.

Lifetime Community Support

Connect with like-minded professionals and build valuable relationships within our exclusive community. Exchange ideas, collaborate, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Hands-On Practical Exercise

Gain practical skills through hands-on exercises that allow you to apply your learnings immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a completely Live Program. Our approach emphasizes active engagement and direct involvement from participants.

All the sessions would be conducted online on Zoom.

If you are unable to attend a live session, don’t worry! You will have access to the recording of the session

The Masterclass program would be weekly 5 sessions. Monday to Friday (7.30pm to 9pm)

Absolutely. It is completely Live Program where you will also get notes, reference material & assignments for your future reference.

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